Boris Bidjan Saberi is hailed as one of the leading avant-garde designers in contemporary men‘s wear. Born in Germany to a German mother and Iranian father and now based in Barcelona, his main influences are more urban than his upbringing in a Bavarian town would suggest. A youth spent skateboarding and listening to hip-hop fostered an admiration for urban street culture, which now manifests itself in his eponymous men’s wear collection he defines as “dark hip-hop”.

Saberi’s love of clothes and craftsmanship began as a child, but it was whilst studying fashion in Barcelona that he developed his skills and he founded his accessories line, U CAN FUCK W, during his first year. It incorporates his interests in natural materials and leathers, sterling silver and industrial metals.

Spring/Summer 2008 was Saberi’s first collection and the label has since developed into a well-rounded mix of street wear and high-end fashion for men; each item of which is hand crafted. The label is often eclectic in its deconstruction of the human form, layering of different fabrics and asymmetric cuts. Saberi typically sticks to a palette of whites, greys and blacks with striking effects. The Boris Bidjan Saberi line is sold internationally in the most exclusive multi- brand boutiques.